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The Virtual Event Platform for the 21st Century!

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    The pandemic engulfed the nations of the world and altered the pace and nature of our lives. For a while, the world was stopped. It comes as no surprise that the life of people dwindled in the last two years.

    The pandemic accelerated remote work options. Remote working posed some very unique challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting stay-at-home orders led to significant changes in the way people worked.

    The world went through a lot of changes to get acquainted with the “NEW NORMAL”. One of these changes involved the increased use of video conferencing tools and virtual events platforms.

    After a particular period, people started adopting virtual platforms and started using them as much as possible. A lot of people say that Covid-19 has brought businesses to an end. But to the companies who adopted the virtual world, Covid-19 has become a catalyst for them their growth.

    Working from home became a common thing but we are humans and we crave the human experience that we get personally. But all these lockdowns kept us strangled at our home.

    We saw a problem and an opportunity here and started building ExpoSim to give people an offline event experience in the virtual world.

    Our virtual event platform aims at empowering businesses by offering them an easy, no-code DIY platform. Our platform helps organizers hyper-personalize their events, while also giving them a plethora of options to engage their audience. Our platform also presents a suite of microservices that help organizers manage an end-to-end virtual/hybrid event from a single place.

    Get to know more about us on:

    If you’d like to learn more about ExpoSim’s virtual world platform, we’d love to hear from you, so please get in touch and we’d be thrilled to give you a personal demo tour.

    Virtual worlds are more than just a game; they’re whatever you want them to be, which can make them a powerful force for good.

    Experience the Virtual World like never before take a demo.

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