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Case Study: NASSCOM FutureSkills Prime

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    Highlights of NASSCOM SME Career Fair

    NASSCOM, a not-for-profit industry association, is the apex body for the $227 billion dollar IT BPM industry in India, an industry that had made a phenomenal contribution to India’s GDP, exports, employment, infrastructure and global visibility.

    NASSCOM is focused on building the architecture integral to the development of the IT BPM sector through policy advocacy, and help in setting up the strategic direction for the sector to unleash its potential and dominate newer frontiers.

    FutureSkills Prime, the National Digital Skilling Platform, is the initiative by NASSCOM working to bring the industry, academia and government together for enabling digital skilling at scale. This was the first time NASSCOM was organizing a virtual career fair for more 15000+ job seekers and 200+ employers to bridge the skill gap.

    The Problem:

    The NASSCOM team wanted a platform which is user friendly and should be branded according to the NASSCOM’s and FutureSkills Prime’s Brand with a dynamic landing page.

    This particular job fair was specifically for the SME council of NASSCOM where there were around 200+ companies who were recruiting for more than 1000+ job roles and around 3000+ positions open.

    The team had very specific requirements as follows:

    • Detailed user information collection in a primary and a secondary form.
    • Job seeker should be able to upload and submit his/her resume while applying for a job.
    • User should be able to search for jobs based on location, experience and skills.
    • User should be able to track his applications
    • The recruiters only should be able to schedule or reschedule the calls
    • The recruiters should be able to process the applications and the data should be downloadable.

    This meant that they needed a platform that would let the students and recruiters do all the things they do in a physical job fair virtually.

    With ExpoSim, they found the perfect solution. Designed and built in such a way to be 100% customizable, easy to use and always on brand, NASSCOM FutureSkills Prime was able to put in all their functionality for the employers and job seekers and successfully executed their first ever virtual job fair with us.

    Here is how together we pulled off one of the biggest virtual job fair in India.

    Creating the Dynamic Landing Page with Primary and Secondary Forms:

    Data and the resume of the person applying for the job is the most important thing for the recruiters to screen the applications.

    Dynamic landing page and second level form

    Virtual Venue with custom brandings and interactivity

    The NASSCOM team was looking for a venue which gives an experience of an offline like event with great interactivity and engagement of the attendees.

    With the fully customizable lobby and the Selfie booth feature, the NASSCOM FutureSkills Prime team got solution for all their needs.

    Venue of NASSCOM SME Career Fair

    Job Listing with Filters

    The NASSCOM team wanted all the jobs from all the companies to be at one place just like any other job search platform where job seekers should be able to come search/filter jobs based on their skills, experience and location.

    With Exposim’s job listing feature they got exactly what they wanted.

    Job Listing in NASSCOM SME Career Fair

    Live Interactions with Employers

    LIVE interactions with the employers and the recruiters to understand the job requirement in detail and the company culture was possible with the live booth calling feature of ExpoSim.

    Live Booth Calling in NASSCOM SME Career Fair

    Scheduling and Rescheduling of Interviews

    The NASSCOM team wanted the interviews to be only scheduled by the recruiters after screening of the applications of the job seekers.

    Interview Scheduling and Rescheduling

    Tracking the user behaviour

    Analyzing the user behaviour for how much time they are spending and where are they spending the time, how many people applying for a job, how many interviews are being scheduled daily, etc. ExpoSim had all the tracking that the NASSCOM team needed already on the platform for tracking the user behaviour.

    Analytics page of ExpoSim dashboard

    This is how the NASSCOM FutureSkills Prime team planned and executed one of India’s largest career fair on ExpoSim.

    Now the Job Fair is a ready-to-use solution available on ExpoSim and you can leverage the same anytime. To know more about us visit,

    We bring your virtual events at par with the real ones by driving strong engagement and personalized experience.

    Join us to host your next virtual or hybrid event with us.

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